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About Trauma

Trauma refers to injuries. From an orthopaedic point of view this usually means fractures (broken bones) but also could mean soft tissue injuries such as tendons or ligaments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What fractures does Dr Gieroba treat?


Dr Gieroba is happy fixing most fractures around the body including the upper and lower limbs. Where something is outside his area of expertise, he is able to recommend a colleague with a special interest in managing that injury.

Do all fractures need surgery?


No. Bone has an excellent ability to heal, in fact it is the only tissue in the body that heals without scarring. Bone heals with bone. Surgery is needed when a fracture is in the wrong position, too unstable or with certain fractures which do not heal when they are left alone.

If I need surgery how urgent is it?


For most fractures, early surgery is better, especially injuries that are very painful or leave you bedridden. Certain injuries need to be delayed to allow the soft tissue and swelling to settle down. In general, most fractures that need surgery are operated on within a couple of weeks. Any longer and the bone may start healing in the wrong position.

Dr Gieroba keeps appointment slots available to see people with fractures on an urgent basis.

Will I be mobile after surgery?


The aims of trauma surgery are to restore weight bearing and joint movement as soon as possible. How much you will be able to do depends on your exact injury, bone and soft tissue quality and how solidly the injury is able to be fixed. Even if you need to avoid putting weight through a limb, we encourage early movement of joints to prevent stiffness and maintain muscle.


Dr Tom Gieroba consults in the sportsmed Healthcare hub in Stepney where he also does the majority of his operating. He has admitting rights at other private hospitals in Adelaide if required.

If you would like to get in touch with his office please call (08) 8130 1225

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