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Dr Tom Gieroba sees a patient

Which patients does Dr Gieroba see?

Dr Gieroba treats a variety of different patients

  • Privately insured
  • Defence
  • DVA
  • Third Party
  • Workcover
  • Self-funded

Dr Gieroba keeps appointments available for urgent problems such as fractures and acute injuries

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Before your first

Dr Gieroba reviews your referral and imaging before your appointment to ensure that all appropriate imaging has been done. Often all imaging is already available, or your referral is detailed enough that Dr Gieroba can work out what other scans you may need. Where possible he will arrange further imaging before your first appointment saving you time and money avoiding coming back for scan results. Sometimes he does need to meet you and examine you first before he can decide what further scans are needed.

Importantly, certain conditions do very well with non-operative management and Dr Gieroba is able to recommend an experienced Sports Doctor, Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiologist or Podiatrist to help you avoid surgery where we can. If Dr Gieroba is not the most appropriate surgeon for your condition, he is able to recommend one of his colleagues with a special interest in the condition.

You will need
to bring

  • A valid referral from your GP or treating specialist
  • Any imaging that you have had (99% of the time all imaging is accessible online, but computers are computers and sometimes will fail)
  • Your Insurance / Workcover details

What happens at your

  • Finding out about you, your sports, hobbies and occupation
  • Working out your symptoms and how they affect you
  • An examination of the problematic joint (and other joints as needed)
  • We look at your imaging
  • We talk about treatment options and make a plan
  • This could mean booking surgery with a specific date in mind
  • It may mean booking surgery in the future, or a plan for you to call when you are ready for an operation
  • It may mean a referral to an allied health practitioner
  • Sometimes more investigations are needed and another appointment needs to be booked


Dr Tom Gieroba consults in the sportsmed Healthcare hub in Stepney where he also does the majority of his operating. He has admitting rights at other private hospitals in Adelaide if required.

If you would like to get in touch with his office please call (08) 8130 1225

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